If you would be interested in being considered to join our 2018 mentors please contact

Our dedicated mentors give their time to support the Metabridge companies and help them grow. They also meet our cohort at the Metabridge Live event in June. These individuals provide valuable 1:1 meetings and feedback and continue to follow up with our companies once the program has concluded.

Catherine Courage

VP, Ads & Commerce, Google (CA, USA)

Christina Lucey (Alum)

Head of Product, Brightwheel (CA, USA)

Mark MacLeod

Founder, Surepath Capital Partners (ON, Canada)

Sandi MacPherson

Founder, Quibb (CA, USA)

Heather Tatroff

Chief Strategy Officer, Chegg Inc (CA, USA)

Investors & VC

Shawn Abbott (Alum)

Partner, iNovia Capital (AB, Canada)

Jennifer Carolan

Co-founder & GP, Reach Capital (CA, USA)

Shawn Carolan

Managing Director, Menlo Ventures (CA, USA)

Brodie Desimone

CEO, Anrias Capital Corp (CA, USA)

Tim Eades (Alum)

CEO, vArmour (CA, USA)

Matthew Goldstein

Partner, Microsoft Ventures (CA, USA)

Chris Heivly

EIR, Techstars (NC, USA)

Chris Hughes

VP, Revolution LLC (DC, USA)

Boris Jabes

Co-founder, Meldium (CA, USA)

Angela Tran Kingyens

Principal, Version One Ventures (CA, USA)

Minh Le (Alum)

Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (WA, USA)

Randall Lucas

Investor, Voyager Capital (WA, USA)

Sean Lynch (Alum)

Entrepreneur in Residence at Social Capital (CA, USA)

Rich Osborn

MD, Telus Ventures (BC, Canada)

Caterina Papadakos

Director, Espresso Capital (BC, CA)

Vicki Peng

Investor, Thrive Capital (NY, USA)

Amy Rae

Principle, Vanedge Capital (BC, Canada)

Camille Saltman

President & CMO, Malama Composites (BC, Canada)

David Saltman

MD, RE Search & Design (BC, Canada)

Paul Singh (Alum)

Chief Hustler, Results Junkies (DC, USA)

Tom Williams (Alum)

Operator in Chief, BetterCompany (CA, USA)

Heather Wilde

CTO, ROCeteer_inc (NV, USA)

Top 15 Alumni

Colin Bramm

CEO, Showbie (AB, Canada)