A decade of Metabridge Alumni

For the last 10 years we have selected and recognized the most innovative, high growth Canadian Scale-up technology companies from across the country. Founders are awarded a place in our faciliated mentorship program, showcased at our flagship event and placed into interactive networking opportunities, being introduced to some top influencers in North America to help them with international growth. Meet our 2018 Cohort:

Now in our 10th year we have invested $2M in this program, seen 18 of our companies acquired and over $270M in investment raised by our companies. There is no fee for companies to join us once accepted. Applications for 2019 will open in the summer.

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Selection Process

We search for the very best Scale-up founders who will clearly benefit from our mentorship and support with international expansion. Founders must articulate their "Why" and share their story.


  • High growth tech companies from any vertical
  • At the scaling phase with a generally available product/service
  • Demonstrated traction, with investment and/or users & revenue (ideally 10% MOM)
  • Have amazing founders with an established, growing team
  • Clearly demonstrate the “Why” and that product or service solves a problem or need (we are interested in the story and the people)
  • Cleary benefit from our mentorship and support with international expansion
  • Ideally raised at least $1M in investment

This is a highly competitive process, hundreds apply with only 15 Founders invited each year from across the country and receive:

1. All-access pass for Founder to 10th annual Metabridge on June 6 - 8 in the Okanagan
2. Showcased and recognized as a Top 15 company
3. Connected to top influencers, advisors, Silicon Valley mentors and VC’s
4. Facilitated introductions and 1:1 meetings with members, alumni, investors and mentors
5. Participate in custom roundtables and think tanks
6. Networking events and VIP activities throughout the Okanagan
7. Support, media coverage and promotional opportunities throughout the year

"All of the new incoming capital was connected to people I met at Metabridge or intros made from people there. I felt there was huge value in the program, but I would never have guessed it would turn out like this." on his recent US$2M raise
Michael Brown, CEO, Swept (NS)

"It's great as a Canadian entrepreneur to be exposed to a global market and opportunity. You get in front of the right people"
Deb Hall, CEO, Dive Networks (Ontario)

"We really subscribe to the value of the network and I really benefited from that. We actually ended up closing our first round at Metabridge. Sharing opportunities and challenges, real and authentic conversation was tremendously beneficial"
Lynda Brown-Ganzert, CEO, Curatio (BC)

"One of the most fun and authentic and fun ways to build relatioships with great entrepreneurs. The group is well selected, the activities are outstanding"
Ryan Spong, CEO, Foodee (BC)

Hear from some of our previous Metabridge Top 15 innovators: