Escape to the Okanagan for our 10th annual Canadian technology retreat for CEOs & Founders. This is by invitation for a curated experience of high level networking with like-minded peers and thought leaders.
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The closest airport is Kelowna International. Please note that the Delta Grand and Royal Anne Hotels have recently confirmed they are already fully booked for Metabridge. We recommend booking a downtown location close to the Innovation Centre.




Confirmed Metabridge X Attendees


Jennifer Warawa

EVP, Sage (GA, USA)

Sean Lynch

Board Member, Metabridge (CA, USA)

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari & Chuck E Cheese, Co-Founder of Modal VR (CA, USA)

Heather Tatroff

Chief Strategy Officer, Chegg Inc (CA, USA)

Santiago Solanas

VP, Cisco (ES)

Mark MacLeod

Founder, Surepath Capital Partners (ON, Canada)

Meredith J Powell

Founder, Rype Blockchain (YVR, CA)

Damir Hot

CEO, Canalyst (BC, CA)

Heather Wilde

CTO, ROCeteer_inc (NV, USA)

James Tamplin

Co-Founder Firebase (CA,USA)

Matt Fogel

Mentor at FounderFuel (QC, CA)

Richard Egli

Managing Director, The Alacrity Foundation (BC, CA)


Tom Williams

Founder, BetterCompany & Investor (CA, USA)

Tim Eades

CEO, vArmour (CA, USA)

Shawn Abbott

Partner, iNovia Capital (AB, CA)

Randall Lucas

Investor, Voyager Capital (WA, USA)

Amy Rae

Principal, Vanedge Capital (BC, CA)

Caterina Papadakos

Director, Espresso Capital (BC, CA)

Rich Osborn

Managing Partner, Telus Ventures (BC, CA)

Matt Cohen

Managing Partner, Ripple Ventures (MA, USA)

Rasool Rayani

President, Heart Pharmacy Group (BC, CA)

Brodie Desimone

CEO, Anrias Capital (CA, USA)

Hannes Blum

Venture Partner, Acton Capital (BC, CA)

Minh Le

Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (WA, USA)

Owen Matthews

General Partner, Wesley Clover (BC, CA)

Alexandre Guertin

Principal, Kensington Capital Partners (BC, CA)


Brennan Turner

CEO, FarmLead (SK, CA)

Michael Brown

CEO, Swept (NS, CA)

Tamer Mohamed

President & CEO, Aspect BIosystems (BC, CA)

Richard Tuck

Former CEO, Riipen (BC, CA)

Daryl Hatton

CEO, Connection Point (BC, CA)

Pieter Boekhoff

CEO, Nobal Technologies (AB, CA)

Rob Barlett

CEO, WTFast (BC, CA)

Sachin Agrawal

CEO, EDP Software (BC, CA)

Colin Bramm

CEO, Showbie (AB, Canada)

Dave Savory

Co-Founder, Riipen (BC, CA)

Dan Stephenson

Co-Founder, Riipen (BC, CA)

Hamid Baghi

Co-Founder, Aimsio (AB, CA)

2018 TOP 15

Emilie Cushman

CEO, Kira Talent (ON, CA)

Alec Wang

CEO & Co-Founder, ClickDishes (AB, CA)

Dean Sutton

CEO, BlockTech Ventures (BC, CA)

Tate Hackert

Founder & President, Zayzoon (AB, CA)

Roy Pereira

Founder, (ON, CA)

Marie Chevrier

CEO & Founder, Sampler (ON, CA)

Dan Holowack

Co-Founder & CEO, CrowdRiff (ON, CA)

Elliot Stone

Co-Founder & CEO, Alavida Health (BC, CA)

Kent Bergstrom

CEO, SiteDocs (BC, Canada)

Andrew Batey

Co-Founder & Head of Growth, EasyMarkit (BC, CA)

Lindsey Goodchild

Founder, Nudge Rewards (ON, CA)

Bill McGraw

President & COO, BlockTech Ventures (BC, CA)

Curtis Duggan

CEO, Blue Mesa Health (BC, CA)

Andrew Kinnear

Co-Founder, Caddle (ON, CA)

Corey Wagner

Co-Founder & CEO, Bananatag (BC, ON)

It's great as a Canadian entrepreneur to be exposed to a global market and opportunity. You get in front of the right people"
Deb Hall, CEO, Dive Networks
The Canadian MUST ATTEND event"
Tom Williams, CEO, BetterCompany & Super Angel Investor
The event itself is like a luxury vacation with 100+ people that you want to keep in touch with for life"
Gil Penchina, AngelList Investor and Former General Manager at eBay.