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2019 Mentors

Reza Kazemipour

CEO & Founder, 1792 Partners (CA, USA)

Heather Wilde

CTO, Roceteer (NV, USA)

Jennifer Warawa

EVP, Sage (GA, USA)

Chris Saniga

Head of FS, Facebook (ON, Canada)

Randall Lucas

Investor, Voyager Capital (WA, USA)

Kristen Hamilton

Founder, Koru (WA, USA)

Sky Christopherson

US Olympic Athlete (CA, USA)

Brent Fikowski

Professional Athlete (BC, Canada)

Mark Macleod

Founder, Surepath Capital (ON, Canada)

Lauren A. Koenig

CEO & Co-Founder, TWIP (NY, USA)

Milun Tesovic

Partner, Expa (CA, USA)

Dr. Jeff Suderman

CEO, Suderman Solutions (CA, USA)

Patrick Judge

Managing Partner, Camber Road (MN, USA)

Meredith J Powell

Venture Partner, Voyager Capital (BC, Canada)

Sean Lynch

Founder, Cencus (CA, USA)

Harpaul Sambhi

Founder, Careerify (CA, USA)

Elaine Kunda

Founder, Disruption Ventures (ON, Canada)

Jeff Keen

Director, Atrium Ventures (BC, Canada)

Minh Le

Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (WA, USA)

Rich Osborn

Managing Partner, Telus Ventures (BC, Canada)

Tim Eades

CEO, vArmour (CA, USA)

Josh Gorges

Professional Athlete, NHL (BC, Canada)

Blake Comeau

Professional Athlete, NHL (BC, Canada)

Cody Franson

Professional Athlete, NHL (BC, Canada)

Simon Ferguson

Professional Athlete/Coach (BC, Canada)

Wade Redden

Professional Athlete, NHL (BC, Canada)

Tyler Bouck

Professional Athlete, NHL (BC, Canada)

Jeff Patterson

CEO, Gaggle (CA, USA)

Chelsea Lai

Director, Roynat Capital (ON, Canada)

Dave Mayer

Founder & CEO, Technical Integrity (CO, USA)

Joshua Tiong

Partner, BDC (BC, Canada)

Michael Blondé

Director, Hootsuite (BC, Canada)

Aleem Mawani

Co-Founder, (CA, USA)

Jamie Wood

Founder, Sanga Living (BC, Canada)

Tom Williams

Investor (CA, USA)

Trent Kitsch

Founder, Saxx Apparel (BC, Canada)

Rob Foxall

Director, TIMIA Capital (BC, Canada)

Santiago Solanas

VP, Cisco (Spain)

Shawn Abbott

Partner, iNovia Capital (AB, Canada)

Steve Wandler

Founder, Metabridge (BC, Canada)

Jason Robertson

VP Investments, Nimbus Synergies (BC, Canada)

Laura Cassin

Investor, Nimbus Synergies (BC, Canada)

Owen Matthews

Chairman, The Alacrity Foundation (BC, Canada)

Ania Wysocka

IR, The Alacrity Foundation (BC, Canada)

Richard Egli

MD, The Alacrity Foundation (BC, Canada)

Tim Draper

VP, TELUS (BC, Canada)

Gregory Smith

CIO, TIMIA Capital (BC, Canada)

Alexandre Guertin

Principal, Kensington Capital (BC, Canada)

Dylan Freeze

Analyst, Kensington Capital (BC, Canada)

Rasool Rayani

Investor, Connected Ventures (BC, Canada)

Jonathan Saari

Investor, Innovacorp (QB, Canada)

Brodie Desimone

Partner, Anrias Capital (BC, Canada)

Brian Martin

Principal, Vanedge Capital (BC, Canada)

Yuri Navarro

Panache Ventures (ON, Canada)

Andrew Allen

Singer/Songwriter (BC, Canada)

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Top Founders

Lee Taal (2019)

Founder & CEO, ChatterHigh (BC, Canada)

Shannon Christensen (2019)

Founder, Mamas for Mamas (BC, Canada)

Kevin Sandhu (2019)

CEO & Founder, Grow Technologies (BC, Canada)

Sarah Goodman (2019)

COO, VitalSines (BC, Canada)

Ian Paterson (2019)

CEO, Plurilock (BC, Canada)

Kyle Campbell (2019)

Founder & CEO, (BC, Canada)

Kevin Kliman (2019)

CEO, Humi (ON, Canada)

Jason Smith (2019)

Co-Founder & CEO, Klue (BC, Canada)

Vince Cifani (2019)

Founder, Joyride (ON, Canada)

Tiffany Kaminsky (2019)

Co-Founder, Symend (AB, Canada)

Lynda Brown (2015)

Founder, Curatio (BC, Canada)

Corey Wagner (2018)

Co-founder & CEO, Bananatag (BC, Canada)

Daryl Hatton (2011)

CEO, ConnectionPoint (BC, Canada)

Mira Soullen (2011)

Vice President, ConnectionPoint (BC, Canada)

Josh deVries (2018)

CEO, EasyMarkit

Rob Bartlett (2014)

CEO/Founder of WTFast (BC, Canada)

Steven Kabanuk (2018)

COO, Blue Mesa Health (BC, Canada)

Dave Savory (2017)

Co-Founder, Riipen Networks (BC, Canada)

Dana Stephenson (2017)

Co-Founder, Riipen Networks (BC, Canada)

Nathan DeVries (2018)

Co-Founder, EasyMarkit (BC, Canada)

Evan Willms (2018)

Co-Founder, Blue Mesa Health (NY, USA)

Phil Noelting (2015)

CEO, Qwalify (ON, Canada)

Tate Hackert (2018)

Founder, ZayZoon (AB, Canada)

Pieter Boekhoff (2016)

CEO, NOBAL Technologies (AB, Canada)

Dan Holowack (2018)

Co-Founder & CEO, CrowdRiff (ON, Canada)

Jay Parmar (2013)

Founder, Picatic - Acquired (BC, Canada)

Andrew McLeod (2016)

C3O, Certn (Alumni with Rentmoola) (BC, Canada)

John Lyotier (2018)

Co-Founder, Left (BC, Canada)

Chris Jensen (2018)

Co-Founder, Left (BC, Canada)

Metabridge Community

Established in 2008, Metabridge is a community and network of seasoned entrepreneurs, technology executives, investors and mentors from across North America that support technology Founders and CEOs with a give first mentality. We facilitate connections, help with growth and scaling and provide access to capital outside of regional boundaries.

Metabridge hosts events throughout the year and as part of our recognition program, invite a group of Top Scale-up founders in the country to join our alumni and help take their company to the next level by growing their network in a meaningful way. Founders can apply individually, or be nominated by an alumni.

Board of Directors:

Meredith J Powell
Venture Partner, Voyager Capital

Jennifer Warawa
EVP, Sage

Sean Lynch
Founder, Cencus

Steve Wandler
Founder, Metabridge

Robert Fine
Director, City of Kelowna

Sehra Bremner
Executive Director, Metabridge