Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metabridge?

Metabridge is a community of seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs and volunteer mentors that support Scale-up Canadian Founders and CEOs. We select companies to be part of the program to help take their company to the next level and grow their network by providing meaningful connections in our year round program. Companies can apply or be nominated by an alumni. We are a non-profit, supported by our generous partners, and do not charge Founders that are selected to be a part of our program.

Who should attend a Metabridge event?

Throughout the year we host intimate curated events, by invitation. We release invites in batches to technology executives, founders and CEO's. We also invite a select group of Venture Capital and M&A partners. If you would like to be considered for an invite please reach out to us.

Why attend a Metabridge event?

We understand there are many events that technology leaders can attend. We produce Metabridge to be the only event you'll need to travel to attend in Canada each year, ensuring that people you meet are valuable to your organization and can help you continue to grow. All attendees are encouraged to be part of the roundtable content selection and there are no powerpoint presentations. Its all about building your network and learning from other executives and thought leaders.

Why Attend?

1. Join top CEOs and founders from across the country at our curated retreat

2. Meet with our members, seasoned entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley VC's and mentors

3. Participate in custom think tanks on topics such as, attracting the best talent, strategies for international growth and acquisition.

4. Be immersed in roundtable discussions on key challenges facing founders

5. All-access to 2.5 days of VIP activities, meals, celebrations and entertainment in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

What is included?

2.5 days attendance includes meals, entertainment, drinks & VIP activities, custom roundtable discussions and introductions to the group.Think Tanks include topics such as international expansion, access to talent and acquisition. We encourage all founders in the network to actively participate, tell their story and access our community. We host our flagship event in the Okanagan, BC each June (known as the Napa of the North). The closest international airport is Kelowna.

What is the process to attend?

Once you have been approved by our committee, you'll be send a link to register. Tickets are non-refundable and any name changes must be approved in advance. We limit the group in size so are always sold out in advance. For those selected as a Top 15 company of the year, there is no fee to attend and you'll be sent a link to register separately.

How do I become a Mentor?

Once you register to attend a Metabridge event you are automatically included in our Alumni network. After attending two events we invite Alumni to join our Charter Member program. This will provide you an automatic invite to subsequent events and you'll be part of our Charter Member directory. Charter Members are active Alumni and help others in the group by connecting them up through their business network.

How do I become a Top 15 Founder?

Founders can be nominated by our Alumni, or apply through our website. Companies should be at the high-growth stage from any vertical. Whilst we simply search for the best companies and entrepreneurs in the country with demonstrated traction and growth, those who have already had a raise of at least $1M-$5M or are revenue generating are at the ideal stage for this program. This is a highly competitive process with only 15 Founders awarded a place each year. If accepted each founder will receive:

1. All-access pass to 10th annual Metabridge on June 6 - 8 in the Okanagan for company Founder/CEO
2. Showcased and recognized as a Top 15 company
3. Connected to top influencers, advisors, Silicon Valley mentors and VC’s
4. Facilitated introductions and 1:1 meetings with members, alumni, investors and mentors
5. Participate in custom roundtables and think tanks
6. Networking events and VIP activities throughout the Okanagan
7. Support, media coverage and promotional opportunities throughout the year as a Metabridge Top 15 Company