Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metabridge?

Established in 2008, Metabridge is a community of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and mentors that support growth stage technology founders. Our community supports the Canadian eco-system providing entry points to external markets, funding resources, business development opportunities and access to capital outside of regional boundaries

Who should attend a Metabridge event?

Throughout the year we host curated events for technology founders & CEOS of growth stage companies. We release invites in batches to alumni, investors and mentors. If you would like to be considered for an invite please reach out to us. If you are not a technology founder or Investor please contact for information on how to attend as a supporting program partner.

Why attend a Metabridge event?

Metabridge ensures that people you meet are valuable to your organization and can help you continue to grow. It is a curated group of founders and CEO's and all attendees are encouraged to participate and foster building the network.

Why Attend our June Technology Retreat?

1. Join top CEOs and founders from across the country

2. Meet with our alumni - seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and mentors

3. Participate in custom think tanks chosen by you

4. Be immersed in roundtable discussions on key founder challenges

5. All-access to 2.5 days of VIP activities, meals and curated networking

What is the process to attend?

Once you have been approved by our committee, you'll be send a link to register. Tickets are non-refundable and any name changes must be approved in advance. We limit the group in size so are always sold out in advance. For those selected as a Top Founder of the year, there is no fee to attend and you'll be sent a link to register separately.

How do I become a Top Founder?

Each year we select a cohort of top Canadian founder's to join the group and be showcased throughout our programs.

We search for the very best growth stage Founder's in the country that will benefit from our program and highlight Canada on a global scale. Ideal fit are founders who have a company size of at least 50 employees, have already had a significant funding round and are revenue generating, however we are on the look out for exemplary individuals that can tell us the story of why they do what they do and fit the mentality of supporting Canada's eco-system and giving back to the group. Each founder will be awarded:

1. All-access pass to our tech retreat June 12 - 14
2. Showcased and recognized as a Top Founder
3. Connected to top influencers, advisors, alumni, mentors and VC’s
4. Facilitated introductions and 1:1 meetings
5. Participate in custom roundtables
6. Networking events and VIP activities throughout the Okanagan
7. Support, media coverage and promotional opportunities