Metabridge Top 15 Closes US$2M investment

Written by sehra

Metabridge Top 15 Closes US$2M investment

We love a good success story, especially when it’s about one of our Metabridge Top 15. So today, we’re celebrating Swept, attendees of Metabridge 2017, who have announced a seed round of US$2 million led by iNovia Capital and joined by Afore Capital.

The communication platform designed to reduce employee turnover in the janitorial industry, raised its funds through key contacts formed at this year’s Metabridge.

“The pain we’re solving in the janitorial industry isn’t small — we’re talking 800,000 companies in North America alone experiencing annual employee turnover rates of up to 375 per cent. We’re excited to have this funding to fuel continued growth and help us own this category,” says CEO Michael Brown.

Brown says that attending Metabridge was a pivotal event, where he was able to spend valuable time with investors and mentors including a helicopter ride with Shawn Abbot of iNovia Capital, along with roundtables and private 1:1 meetings with Tom Williams, and Sean Lynch.

"All of the new incoming capital was connected to people I met at Metabridge or intros made from people there. I felt there was huge value in the program, but I would never have guessed it would turn out like this." continues Brown

Founded by former janitorial business owners, Swept helps janitorial companies better support their cleaners and respond proactively to client issues through streamlined team communication. In addition to time-tracking, scheduling, and problem reporting, Swept also allows users to communicate with one another in over 100 languages.

“My co-founder and I initially built this software to solve challenges we were facing in our own cleaning business. We’ve come a long way from cleaning toilets at three am when a cleaner didn't show up and are committed to innovating in this industry,” says Brown.

Since launching in November of 2015, Swept has over 10,000 users in 7 countries worldwide and is well positioned for rapid growth. In addition to further product development, Swept will focus on making a number of key hires in the coming months.

Sometimes a helicopter ride with the right investor can change your life. Congratulations, Michael Brown and the Swept team! We look forward to seeing you again at a future Metabridge!

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