Connecting Top Tech Founders at Metabridge 2016

Prepare. Plan. Pitch.

Written by sehra

Connecting Top Tech Founders at Metabridge 2016

Prepare. Plan. Pitch.

Tech networking event, Metabridge 2016, is gearing up for another round of innovative ideas, inspiring projects, and valuable opportunities for attendees.

Technology Start-ups be prepared: This is the time to supercharge your start-up into high impact entrepreneurship.

This is not a golden ticket to success, but it is a golden opportunity that provides dedicated one-to-one meeting time with VIPs, and networking opportunities with major venture capitalist firms from around the world.

This is the moment all Start-ups prepare for. This is where the hard work and innovation shines through and grabs the attention of the investors and potential partners who can help push your start-up to the next level.

This year, the Metabridge VIP guest list includes investors and mentors from Silicon Valley. A best practice for all attendees is to research the guest list before the event to help identify the people who would be most connected to your product or service.

Last year’s winner, Sean Kerklaan, first attended Metabridge in 2014 as just a regular pass holder. Inspired by the wealth of innovation, and impressed by the experience of the VIPs in attendance, he resolved to come back the following year, not just as a pass holder, but as one of the Top 15 competitors.

Sean’s company, Fatigue Science, developed wearable technology designed to identify and manage workplace fatigue. The goal is to help prevent accidents and protect workers.

The API software also recognizes how fatigue impacts fuel economy, and builds scheduling tools that take into consideration fatigue factors to create safer schedules for employees.

The software also recognizes how fatigue impacts fuel economy and can help strategically reduce accident risks within transportation industries.

Fatigue Science clearly demonstrated how the software filled a need in the market, and provided a valuable service to industry for both employer and employee.

All the company needed was one conversation with the right connection.

“There is visibility into amazing Canadian tech talent and access to VC's that you won’t find elsewhere.”

Together with his team, Sean spent the year developing the story, preparing the pitch, and identifying the details that would engage investors and instill confidence in his market-inspired product and company.

“Metabridge helped me learn about building my business horizontally i.e. across Canada instead of vertically and charging south towards the valley.”

But Sean’s best advice to tech start-ups is to, “Prepare, prepare and prepare. This event is not to be taken lightly. The more 'pre-work' you put into this, the better the event will be.”

Metabridge provides uniquely intimate networking events where creative conversation provides a foundation of inspiration and motivation, helping us all move towards a future of technological innovation.

June 9 – 10, Kelowna, BC