Alumni & Charter Members

We have an extensive network of alumni from across North America who have been involved in Metabridge over the last decade. Technology CEO's, Partners at VC firms and executives at global enterprise technology organizations.

Our events consist of small intimate VIP program's for C-level executives over 2.5 days and includes pre-determined 1:1 meetings, exclusive activities and networking dinners with live entertainment, that all provide value for everyone in a vacation-like retreat format.

Charter Member Directory coming soon.

2018 mentors attending Metabridge X include:

Nolan Bushnell

Founder of Atari & Chuck E Cheese, Co-Founder of Modal VR (CA, USA)

Jennifer Warawa

Executive Vice President, Sage & Board Member, Metabridge (GA, USA)

Tom Williams

Founder, BetterCompany & Investor (CA, USA)

Heather Tatroff

Chief Strategy Officer, Chegg Inc (CA, USA)

Mark MacLeod

Founder, Surepath Capital Partners (ON, Canada)

Sean Lynch

Board Member, Metabridge (CA, USA)

Amy Rae

Principal, Vanedge Capital (BC, CA)

Caterina Papadakos

Director, Espresso Capital (BC, CA)

Shawn Abbott

Partner, iNovia Capital (AB, CA)

Minh Le

Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (WA, USA)

Randall Lucas

Investor, Voyager Capital (WA, USA)

Rich Osborn

Managing Partner, Telus Ventures (BC, CA)