Established in 2008, Metabridge is a community and network of seasoned entrepreneurs, technology executives, investors and mentors from across North America that support technology Founders and CEOs with a give first mentality. We facilitate connections, help with growth and scaling and provide access to capital outside of regional boundaries.

Metabridge hosts events throughout the year and as part of our recognition program, invite a group of Top Scale-up founders in the country to join our alumni and help take their company to the next level by growing their network in a meaningful way. Founders can apply individually, or be nominated by an alumni.

Steve Wandler

Founder, Metabridge (BC, CA)

Jennifer Warawa

EVP, Sage (GA, USA)

Meredith J Powell

Founder, Rype Blockchain (BC, CA)

Sean Lynch

Board Member, Metabridge (CA, USA)

Robert Fine

Director, City of Kelowna (BC, CA)

Sehra Bremner

Executive Director, Metabridge (BC, CA)